3. Disclaimer

“The unexamined life is not worth living”
~ Socrates

I am going to, in subsequent posts, talk about friends I have had in the past.

I am going to talk about what might have been if what I have been told were signals of their interest were indeed true.

But. I do not want to re-open a can of worms. Most of them are already happy with their own families and I have no intention to wreck those. Because I cared, and perhaps still do, I am happy that they are happy.

So why write?

I want people who are interested in another, to consider very carefully, whether or not they should keep their feelings hidden, or if they should share it with the person for whom they have those intentions. That is if anyone else reads this…

One morning several weeks ago, I heard the DJ on the radio saying that one of the things he regretted was not confessing his feelings when he should have.

It is something you cannot go back to once the moment has passed.

My well-meaning friend wants me to put the past behind, where it belongs, and move on. Different people have different ways to let go. Some don’t talk about things they want to let go. Some need to let it out. She is concerned that in holding on to the past, I might miss the future.

I love my memories. They are happy ones, even though the ending has not been what I had hoped. I would not trade them for anything.

I also am realistic enough to know that what lies ahead may have nothing at all to do with the past. I look forward to hold the future in my grasp, and have wonderful memories of that too.

I will have both.


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