8. The Lion and I – We Danced

“Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective, and valuable than words”

~ François Rabelais (Gargantua and Pantagruel)

With time, we became familiar and comfortable with each other, at least it was that way for me.

One evening, when she was away, I visited with him at his place. We sat together and chatted about nothing in particular. The conversation led to me saying that I had never slow danced before.

He put on a CD. Natalie and Nat King Cole’s Unforgettable started playing and he held out his hands to pull me up from where I sat. I didn’t expect it. For the duration of the song, we danced in his room. The light was on but it was dim. The ambience was fitting. When the music ended, we stopped and clapped (quietly) as we would have if we had been at a club.

That was my first dance.

Beautiful, right?

We then attended a few other occasions where there were slow dances. I thought he might ask me, but he didn’t. So that dance must have been just a friend creating a memorable moment for another and meant nothing more than that.


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