9. The Lion and I – Weekend Away

“O.K., here it is. Your choice. It’s simple, her or me. So pick me. Choose me”

~Dr Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)

She was returning from her trip out of town. I wanted to meet her upon her return, so did he. We had to travel into the city. He suggested we make it a weekend trip.

A friend of his had an apartment and we could stay over. He had already asked. He suggested we could catch a west-end performance, have dinner together and make an evening out of it.

We took the train into the city together. We were dressed up for the play. A comedy. The performance was brilliant.

I enjoyed the company. I forgot where we went and what we ate for dinner.

We returned to his friend’s for the night. She had a room to spare and her brother was also away. We talked some more before sleep took over.

In the morning, we went to meet our friend. We decided not to tell her about what we had done. We didn’t want her to feel left out. That was what we told each other. In my heart though, I wondered if he didn’t want to ruin how things stood between the two of them.

I think she visited with him after that and spent the night at his place.

They shared breakfast.


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