17. Mr Stranger Guy

“Each meeting occurs at the precise moment for which it was meant. Usually, when it will have the greatest impact on our lives.”

~ Nadia Scrieva (Fathoms of Forgiveness)


Already known to the public, his popularity was starting to escalate even further. Fan clubs and yahoo groups were being set up in his name. He endorsed one.

I never considered myself to be a groupie – though in this case he is not a musician, but somehow, that was what happened. Kinda.

I don’t really know how it got that far, because up until then, I was still not taken in by him yet. I joined the group. While we still emailed each other, we also communicated in the group. Well, in the group, the members communicated and he jumped in on and off.

I thought his stay abroad was an indefinite thing, and he was not going to return to his home country, until the mission was over. I was wrong. He was planning a return and the founder of the group was arranging for a meet-up.

Unfortunately, it was not easy to just drop everything, hop on a plane and cross borders at short notice. The meet was going to be over the weekend and weekends are the hardest to switch shifts for, since it gets in the way of family time. When I “voiced” my regrets to the group, I was assured by the founder that if successful, more would be organised.

He however replied, not directly addressing me, but in the thread of my message, that although it was difficult to commit to a date that was as yet undecided, if one wants something badly enough, then one should put “one’s soul” into it. So I did.

I put my soul into it. I attended the gathering in spirit :p


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