29. The Ram

“Call me Ishmael.”

~ Herman Melville (Moby Dick)


That was how he introduced himself, The Ram. Not in those words exactly.


It was an introduction that made me very happy, until I realised he had quoted (in a modified way) the book. (I will explain my disappointment later.) Perhaps that was why I didn’t get the quote at first. Or I was tired and hopeful. Or I just was (am) not a fan of Moby Dick :p

Actually, the Ram does not really qualify as one of the Unspoken, Undeclared … Non-Uttered… ours was more a case of Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Wrong Circumstances to such an extent that even if we were the Right Person for each other, at that time, in those circumstances and being oceans apart, things could not work out.

I am happy to say, that we are still friends. And while I cannot figure out which Unspoken characters to write about next (without jeopardising friendships etc), I think I will write about the Ram.

Why? Because he pointed out, teasingly I hope, that he noticed he didn’t make the list, so basically he is asking for it :p And because I think we have reached a comfortable place with each other that the friendship will still be ok after I am done, and that there are still lessons to be learned from our story.



28. One Year

It has been almost a year since my last post (life has a way of keeping me occupied), and much longer since I last had a connection/communication with Mr SG. However, I guess if you have a certain closeness with someone, it is possible to have some sort of psychic connection with them.

Of late, I have been dreaming a lot about him, even though in wakefulness I have not spared a single thought in his direction.

And it is because of these dreams that I thought to revisit this blog, and saw the message that it has been a year since I signed up here.

Time flies.