22. Who do you love?

“If I could but know his heart, everything would become easy.”

~ Jane Austen (Sense & Sensibility)

Before I continue with what happened after my huge mistake, and what other dumb things I did, there is something else I want to share. This is for those who know me, and know who Mr SG is.

In the very first interview that I read about him, it was reported that a very close friend of his stated he was not seeing anyone.

In one of the first few emails I sent him that first night we communicated, I said I found that hard to believe but was it true? He replied that he had a girlfriend for a year, and “in a couple of years”, he planned to settle down (with her, presumably).

That was one of the reasons I was lukewarm about the whole thing, at first, and continuing with the communication was more out of curiosity about the person, and how much I can do to get more information about him from the horse’s mouth. It was just a challenge. At first.

As his popularity grew, and more interviews were conducted, I tried to read between the lines of the many articles published about him. As someone who has had my own words quoted in the (local) newspaper, I know that what comes out in print isn’t entirely what was said. There were a lot of inconsistent information about his relationship status.

I eventually concluded that during the time that I was interested in him, and prior to my big mistake of offending him, he was not seeing anyone. Why? He said so himself, at the gathering where he took my number. He announced to all present that while he was “dating” the girl announced as his girlfriend, he did not have a girlfriend. As in, he just went out on dates with her. Also, in the article from the magazine he asked me to obtain, it was published that he was still searching for a significant other.

A source, who was probably closest to him, even suggested that it would have been o.k. for him to find someone local to the country he was training in … and the person surely would not have encouraged that if he was indeed already in a committed relationship.

What started as a challenge gradually turned to familiarity, and then, interest, after I felt convinced he was unattached.